Exit, Stage Right

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” – Yogi Berra

On December 21st, 2004, I joined Sandvine, a Canadian tech company headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario.

Today, almost thirteen years – and many, many, many good times – later, I (literally) hand in my badge and (figuratively) turn the page.

What’s next?

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Book Report: Success and Luck

success-and-luck“If any of you go running or ride a bike, you’ll know that when you’re running of bicycling into the wind, you’re very aware of it. You just can’t wait till the course turns around and you’ve got the wind at your back. When that happens, you feel great. But then you forget about it very quickly – you’re just not aware of the wind at your back. And that’s just a fundamental feature of how our minds work. We’re just going to be more aware of those barriers than of the things that boost us along.” – (Success and Luck)

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Book Report: The Daily Show (The Book)

the-daily-show-the-book“Getting fired from Paramount was the real turning point for me. Because I thought that after appearing on Letterman, now I’m a made man. And the Paramount thing, I thought losing it meant I was an unmade man. I realized you still have to make your act better. The goal is to produce, the goal is to make things.” – Jon Stewart (The Daily Show (The Book))

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Book Report: On Tyranny

On-Tyranny“The European history of the twentieth century shows us that societies can break, democracies can fall, ethics can collapse, and ordinary men can find themselves standing over death pits with guns in their hands. It would serve us well today to understand why.” (On Tyranny)

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Racists Gonna Racist

Amongst other things I’ve done today, I’ve followed with dismay – and not one speck of shock or surprise – the events unfolding in the US, as racist/alt-right/neo-nazi/’economical anxiety-stricken’ groups make public demonstrations across the country.

I won’t recount the history that’s brought such things to the forefront, but suffice to say the Overton window has shifted a little bit, and racist groups feel emboldened because they’re often part of the public discourse.

A few minutes ago, I was idly checking Twitter, and my dismay clicked up a notch when I saw this Tweet:

I live within walking distance of Conestoga Mall, in Waterloo, Ontario, so this event happened close to home; plus, it reminded me of an episode I witnessed years ago.

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Book Report: Will There Be Donuts?

will-there-be-donutsIf you really mean to change the way you meet, you are going to be messing with the culture of the business and the deep-seated habits of its employees. You’re going to discover that very often the meetings are not the problem, they are a symptom of the problem. You are going to be upsetting the status quo. It could get messy… The questions and challenges will come. People don’t like mediocrity, but it is amazing how hard they will argue for it when you offer a change.” (Will There Be Donuts?)

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David Pearl’s “Real Meeting Checklist”

To wrap up my old man yells at meetings series, inspired by and drawing heavily from David Pearl’s excellent Will There Be Donuts?, I’ll close the same way Pearl did, with his Real Meeting Checklist.

If you’re fine living a life filled with lousy meetings that waste your (and everyone else’s) time, get nothing done, and do nothing but move us slightly closer to our inevitable deaths, then this post isn’t for you.

But if you want to be inspired, then read on!


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