Marketing vs Engineering

As an Engineer-turned-Marketer¹, I find this Dilbert strip especially funny.

You see, engineers are all like, “We invent stuff and are super smart and you marketers are just dumb and lie all the time”; marketers, on the other hand, are trying to close the gap between the products produced by the self-proclaimed super intelligent engineers and the apparently idiot customers who don’t realize the obviousness of the engineers’ fantabulous solutions.

As a marketer, let me ask you this: if your product/solution is so incredible, then how come no one’s buying it? Ah, the better mousetrap fallacy.

As a technology marketer, I just sit in the middle and laugh at both sides, and at myself.


¹ and also as someone with an interest in archaeology, civilization, and technology


Lee Brooks is the founder of Cromulent Marketing, a boutique marketing agency specializing in crafting messaging, creating content, and managing public relations for B2B technology companies.

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