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The Meeting for Discussion

“A real discussion clearly requires a good blend of different perspectives. You want to pick people who can look at a topic in a way that will challenge the blind spots, prejudices, and supposings.” – David Pearl In The Reasons Why

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The Meeting for Information

“Now that we have the means to be instantly updated we can and should be very choosy about when we hold information meetings and why.” – David Pearl In The Reasons Why People Meet, I introduced seven different types of

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The Reasons Why People Meet

“The word ‘meeting’ covers a huge range of different interactions. If you want successful meetings you have to be more specific.” – David Pearl Alright, I’ve spent a couple of posts complaining about meetings. With those little rants out of the

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The Real Tragedy of Nearly Meeting

In Will There Be Donuts?, David Pearl explains the concept of nearly meeting (p22): Nearly meeting is any meeting where the participants fail to get real value out of their coming together. They are the ones which offer a poor return

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The Benefits of Repeatability

“If you don’t know what you are doing wrong, you can never know what you are doing right.” – Chen Xinhua Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself talking at work about the benefits of repeatability and consistency. More

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What not to do in the workplace – a handy-dandy top 10 list

“Whether it’s your first co-op work term or you’ve been earning a paycheque for decades, there are certain common mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.” The Fall 2016 edition of the University of Waterloo Magazine included a feature

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Competitive and Market Intelligence: Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation

“The military are excellent planners; the private sector are great at execution. There are strengths and limitations of both paradigms, and we can learn so much by talking to each other.” – Retired Maj. Gen. David Fraser At last night’s Communitech

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