For the foreseeable future, I’m available for freelance consulting: I love diving deeply into tough problems and providing organizations with an injection of expertise that’s otherwise tough to find. Doing so is energizing and lets me apply the skills I’ve honed and knowledge I’ve gathered in a career spanning nearly two decades.

B2B technology marketing is my primary domain, particularly for startups and ‘scale-ups’, but some parts of my skillset are readily transferable/applicable to other areas.

The quick pitch is that I produce better output, faster, than any alternatives (e.g., recruiting+hiring, using an agency, repurposing existing personnel, etc.), so you can stay focused on the other parts of your business.

A Turbo Boost for Your Marketing

Think of it like a turbo boost for your marketing; I might cost more in the short run, but I’ll get superior work done in a fraction of the time, so you still come out ahead on both costs and results.

How can I state that with such confidence? Because of a fairly unique blend of qualifications:

  • Proven Track Record: I excelled in a strategic marketing leadership role (with plenty of hands-on contributions) in a global technology company, making meaningful contributions as we grew to become the market leader, with more than $200M USD annual revenue
  • Technical Chops: Academically, I earned a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo, and subsequently gained professional experience in Software Engineering roles prior to transitioning through Project Management into Product Management and, ultimately, Product Marketing
  • Passion for Marketing: Over the years, I’ve fed a voracious appetite for all things marketing and communications, including forecasting, psychology, dealing with uncertainty, language optimization, etc.

If you’d like to know more about my qualifications, then you can explore my experience in more detail here.

This background means that I’ll understand the technology that powers your solutions, appreciate the needs of your target audiences, and communicate your value proposition effectively.

Walking the Walk

In practice, doing so can come in many forms, and I have extensive experience and success with each:

  • Marketing Strategy: Determining the strategies and supporting tactics to help your organization achieve its overall marketing objectives
  • Corporate Positioning and Messaging: Defining your organization’s unique value as a solution provider and telling targeted versions of that story to customers, partners, and potential employees
  • Portfolio Positioning and Messaging: Developing the messaging and positioning that effectively communicates the value of your solutions, use cases, products, platforms, technology, and services to your target markets and verticals
  • Content Creation: Creating datasheets/infosheets, portfolio brochures, presentations, web content, customer success stories, and scripts (e.g., video narration, demonstrations, pitches) that showcase your solutions
  • Whitepapers and Position Papers: Writing detailed expositions of industry problems, technical challenges, or corporate positions (e.g., with respect to regulatory concerns, business philosophies, etc.), to educate potential customers and stakeholders in an objective/academic manner
  • Thought Leadership Programs: Designing comprehensive program objectives, strategies, and tactics to help your organization rise above the noise to emerge as a respected thought leader in your market

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss your marketing needs, then please reach out at the contact information in the document linked above.


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