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The Third Age of Marketing

This Christmas, I received as a gift the book Youtility – Why smart marketing is about help not hype, by Jay Baer. The title alone had me excited, as over the past year I’ve implemented a number of initiatives around

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Of politics, leadership, and marketing

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m busy reading Lessons from the Top, by Gavin Esler.  I’m quite enjoying it so far, having marked several passages for later reference, and have observed several links to other “things”.  For instance,

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Book Report: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

“Marketing is a game of mental warfare.  It’s a battle of perceptions, not products or services…There is no objective reality.  There are no facts.  There are no best products.  All that exists in the world of marketing are perceptions in

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Thinking About Thought Leadership

According to our good friend Wikipedia, A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. The actual return on investment from achieving thought

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