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Technical Communications: Documentation, UX, and Cohesive Brand Experiences

“You can have a very clean product, a very task-focused product, and people look at it and say ‘yeah, I get that, I know how to use it’, and they look at your docs and it’s a 400 page user

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How to Hire Rock Stars

Imagine that you run a start-up: no website; limited funds; no brand recognition, no HR experience. How are you going to attract and hire the best? Have you ever struggled to fill a job opening on your team or in

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When clarity in brand messaging goes hilariously extreme

Most folks in marketing have heard of the concept of a brand identity – the colours, fonts, logos and other visible stuff associated with a brand. Slightly newer is the concept of a brand personality – the characteristics that you

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Robots! Lasers! A cute girl! A cat! …and delicious grilled cheese!

What do you think of when you see the first four parts of that headline? Most of us probably thought “Jerry Bruckheimer summer blockbuster spectacular with thin plot and thinner characters”, but if you didn’t say “Internet browsing”, then Microsoft

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