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Conversations, General Knowledge, and Your Career

“It isn’t enough to be able to do the technical aspects of the job – our clients need to actually enjoy working with us, as people, for us to hit our highest levels of efficiency.” Many people are ignorant. (How’s

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Communitech Strategic Marketing P2P: Content Marketing with Mabel’s Labels

This morning I attended the monthly Strategic Marketing peer-to-peer group¹ hosted by Communitech. The speaker, Tricia Mumby, is a cofounder of Mabel’s Labels, and spoke about the importance of content marketing. What made this session particularly interesting was that the

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Why it’s good to be a tease

“Damnit Lee, you really know how to write a teaser.  I’m pretty certain I know all or most of what you’re going to go through, but I just had to find out.” – Colleague Last week I needed to test

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