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What’s Your Problem? A talk by Larry Smith.

“If the machines are doing the routine work, then humans must do the non-routine work. To be an innovator, you need to talk about unsolved, important problems.” – University of Waterloo Professor, Larry Smith Last night I joined two former colleagues,

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Book Report: Success and Luck

“If any of you go running or ride a bike, you’ll know that when you’re running of bicycling into the wind, you’re very aware of it. You just can’t wait till the course turns around and you’ve got the wind

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Book Report: The Game of Our Lives

“The world that English football is now played in has changed again. The country is increasingly diverse; society is more individualized and more networked, and the economy has become an exemplar of a globalized and deregulated liberal model of capitalism.

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Book Report: Winner Take All

“The world is arguably facing seemingly insurmountable constraints across the whole gamut of commodities – arable land, water, energy, and other minerals. Moreover, with China’s aggressive rush for resources, many countries are likely to be caught short as the commodity

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Book Report: Smart People Should Build Things

“That’s how we give rise to the virtuous cycle of job creation and innovation. We seed an environment with both human capital and financial capital and we engage for years. We make it so that building things is the valued

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Book Report: The Big Short

“The line between gambling and investing is artificial and thin.  The soundest investment has the defining trait of a bet (you losing all of your money in hopes of making a bit more), and the wildest speculation has the salient

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