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The Meeting for (Re)Solution

“When you see problem-solving as part of the learning cycle, you transform the (re)solution meeting from a chore to an essential, energizing aspect of your business.” – David Pearl In The Reasons Why People Meet, I introduced seven different types of

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Book Report: The Numbers Game

“It is easy…to think of soccer as a game of superstars. They provide the glamour, the genius, the moments of inspiration. They sell the shirts and fill the seats. But they do not decide who wins games and who wins

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Book Report: Brilliant Blunders

“How could a man of such intellectual powers as Kelvin be so sure that he was right even when he was dead wrong?  Like all humans, Kelvin still had to use the hardware between his ears – his brain –

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Coaching Insights from Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys

“None of us need help to be mediocre.” – Jason Garrett The NFL season kicks off in just over a week, and one of my favourite sports sites has been providing a great window into the seldom-seen (in detail) world

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Lessons in Leadership from Mark Cuban

Culture defines who you are and, to an extent, how you do.  Culture is what keeps people from leaving your organization when times are tough.  Culture is a collective characteristic.  A team without a culture is, at best, no more

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So you want to influence someone…

“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.” – Albert Einstein That Einstein fellow was a smart one.  In addition to his Theory of Brownian Motion (which somewhat vaulted him into relevance),

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