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Time for a change?

“The immortals step out of their comfort zone in order to expand it.” – Lee Jenkins in SI Reading some basketball news the other day, I came across a remarkable story over at Sports Illustrated, Right Turn: There are makeovers,

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What’s more important to employers: excitement or experience?

Many a hiring manager has been forced to choose between two qualified (or, if he or she is lucky, outstanding) candidates, and sometimes the situation goes like this: Candidate A personifies excitement, and will attack the role with energy and

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More Coaching Insights from the NFL

“Clean up the minor details! That’s how you get great!  There are no little things. The little things are all big things.” – Bruce Arians A few days ago I wrote about a 35-minute video of Jason Garrett‘s opening training

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The Wonderful, Empowering Secret of Achieving Excellence

“The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint…The greats were great ’cause they paint a lot” – Macklemore I saw a post in a LinkedIn forum the other day that started off by saying, “We all know that

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Book Report: “Bounce”

“The talent theory of expertise is not merely flawed in theory; it is insidious in practice, robbing individuals and institutions of the motivation to change themselves and society.  Even if we can’t bring ourselves to embrace the idea that expertise

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