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Book Report: Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

“Yes, Generation Y will be more difficult to recruit, retain, motivate, and manage than any other new generation to enter the workforce. But this will also be the most high-performing workforce in history for those who know how to manage

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Schedule or Fantasy?

“Often what looks like a perfectly good schedule turns out to be a fantasy – a wishful projection for how we might spend our very limited time.” – Bruce Tulgan in Not Everyone Gets a Trophy As I was reading Not

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Self-Evaluation and Self-Management

“Self-evaluation is the beginning, middle, and end of self-management.” – Bruce Tolgan We’re in performance evaluation season at work, which means lots of introspection, assessment, candid discussions, and 360 degree feedback. It’s a time that tries to balance looking backwards

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Leadership, in the key of Gen-Y

“Generation Y is the most exciting group in the world.  They want to do their own thing, they want to change the world.  Technology’s changed so fast.  The Internet’s come, they can do it.” – Jack Welch Via LinkedIn, I

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