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Hiring: how I evaluate candidates

Frankly, I pictured Sam getting bored or frustrated as time passed. As a result, I didn’t invite Sam back for a second round of interviews. I was in touch with Sam afterwards and provided a complete explanation of my reasoning; it turned out

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10 common hiring mistakes

Sure, I’d welcome to the team a Computer Engineer with great communications skills, but STEM grads aren’t especially known as clear communicators. Yesterday I read an article called “What High-Quality Job Candidates Look for in a Company.” The piece contrasts the job and

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Test-based interviews: my own weird experiences

Earlier today I read two posts that examine technical interviewing: Technical testing during an interview: why it does not work The Technical Interview: An Update These were written by my friend Mike, who’s a network security expert, is highly technical,

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The Deadly Sins of Leadership

“When it comes to describing their dark sides, 58 out of 60 leaders felt bound by the same rule – any weakness is perfectly admissible, so long as it is really a strength.” – Lucy Kellaway There is no shortage

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Getting engaged (with your audience)

“Engage your listeners.  It does not matter how you do it, so long as you do it.” – Gavin Esler Certain things that I hear, for whatever reason, stand out and remain in my mind while others do not; the

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What’s more important to employers: excitement or experience?

Many a hiring manager has been forced to choose between two qualified (or, if he or she is lucky, outstanding) candidates, and sometimes the situation goes like this: Candidate A personifies excitement, and will attack the role with energy and

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Three questions an interview should answer

While the actual interview will cover a variety of subjects and include many questions, it’s just a comprehensive mechanism to answer three basic questions. Years ago, I read an article in Forbes that said that an interview, from the interviewer’s

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A (Nearly) Universal Truth about Interviewing

Going for job interviews can be intimidating, and in a multi-stage hiring process characterized by several callbacks the pressure can build.  It’s not uncommon for a candidate’s anxious energy to start to get the better of them.  This reaction is

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Interview Lessons from Subway

Needing to get caught up on some reading and reviewing for my team, I worked from home yesterday.  With apologies to my friends over at Quick Sandwiches (my preferred sandwich destination), I went to a Subway nearby to pick up

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Becoming a Better Interviewer

I don’t particularly like conducting hiring interviews.  Thinking about it, there are two main reasons: They take time They require me to meet other people in (what I consider to be) an unnatural circumstance On the surface, and perhaps below

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