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Putting the “Success” in “Succession”

The legacy of a true leader should not be panic at his or her departure, but a team that is capable of filling the absence. A couple of years ago, I had a problem: I was burning out. For five

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Leadership, in the key of Gen-Y

“Generation Y is the most exciting group in the world.  They want to do their own thing, they want to change the world.  Technology’s changed so fast.  The Internet’s come, they can do it.” – Jack Welch Via LinkedIn, I

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Building a Championship Team

I take team-building very seriously: in the recreational sports world, poor teams lose and members go home without championships; in the business world, poor teams are weak links that can bring down organizations and cost people their livelihood – there’s

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More Coaching Insights from the NFL

“Clean up the minor details! That’s how you get great!  There are no little things. The little things are all big things.” – Bruce Arians A few days ago I wrote about a 35-minute video of Jason Garrett‘s opening training

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Coaching Insights from Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys

“None of us need help to be mediocre.” – Jason Garrett The NFL season kicks off in just over a week, and one of my favourite sports sites has been providing a great window into the seldom-seen (in detail) world

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Lessons in Leadership from Mark Cuban

Culture defines who you are and, to an extent, how you do.  Culture is what keeps people from leaving your organization when times are tough.  Culture is a collective characteristic.  A team without a culture is, at best, no more

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Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy

To close off a management offsite a little while ago, we were shown a video, “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy”.  The video (or at least the commentary?) was created by Derek Sivers and has been adapted into

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Dilbert on Leadership

I’m a Dilbert fan.  As an engineer who now works in marketing, and compounds that sacrilege by working in management, I see the humour from many angles perhaps more than most.  Every so often, Dilbert tackles leadership, and more often

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