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The Meeting for Information

“Now that we have the means to be instantly updated we can and should be very choosy about when we hold information meetings and why.” – David Pearl In The Reasons Why People Meet, I introduced seven different types of

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The Reasons Why People Meet

“The word ‘meeting’ covers a huge range of different interactions. If you want successful meetings you have to be more specific.” – David Pearl Alright, I’ve spent a couple of posts complaining about meetings. With those little rants out of the

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Know Your Enemy: How to Spot a Nearly Meeting

Nearly meeting is a colossal waste of time and resources, and – most destructively – it turns us off the real potential of really meeting. To avoid nearly meeting and make an escape or a change when you find yourself

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The Real Tragedy of Nearly Meeting

In Will There Be Donuts?, David Pearl explains the concept of nearly meeting (p22): Nearly meeting is any meeting where the participants fail to get real value out of their coming together. They are the ones which offer a poor return

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It’s Hard to Focus When You’re Exhausted

I’ve done a lot of travel lately: Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, England, Ukraine, Austria, Croatia, and now South Africa in just the last few weeks. In those places, I’ve had many long, detailed meetings with prospects, customers, and colleagues. During those

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Three Office Fallacies that Must End (but probably won’t)

“I imagine archaeologists in the future having a pretty easy time working out what matters to us today. The Egyptians had their pyramids, the Romans had aqueducts, Victorians their railways. What we’ve got are gigantic glass and steel boxes of

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