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Time for a change?

“The immortals step out of their comfort zone in order to expand it.” – Lee Jenkins in SI Reading some basketball news the other day, I came across a remarkable story over at Sports Illustrated, Right Turn: There are makeovers,

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Selling Soccer to An American Audience

Will the campaign drive the viewership for which NBC is hoping?  Only time will tell…The ads will bring viewers, but the product has to retain them. The Barclays Premier League (BPL) season kicked off today with a full slate of

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Lessons in Leadership from Mark Cuban

Culture defines who you are and, to an extent, how you do.  Culture is what keeps people from leaving your organization when times are tough.  Culture is a collective characteristic.  A team without a culture is, at best, no more

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Failure is at our core

I have a problem with failure – I dwell on it far too much.  As with many things, intellectually I understand that failure is simply part of the positive feedback loop of learning, but I still struggle to move on. 

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