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Book Report: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

“Marketing is a game of mental warfare.  It’s a battle of perceptions, not products or services…There is no objective reality.  There are no facts.  There are no best products.  All that exists in the world of marketing are perceptions in

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Book Report: Brilliant Blunders

“How could a man of such intellectual powers as Kelvin be so sure that he was right even when he was dead wrong?  Like all humans, Kelvin still had to use the hardware between his ears – his brain –

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Book Report: The Reason I Jump

“For a long time I’ve been wondering why us people with autism can’t talk properly.  I can never say what I really want to.  Instead, verbal junk that hasn’t got anything to do with anything comes pouring out of my

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Book Report: Scatter, Adapt, and Remember

“If we’ve learned anything from the survivors among our ancestors, it’s that staying put and fighting change are not good tactics if we want to live.  Survivors range over vast regions.  If they encounter adversity in one environment, they try

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Seven Tips to More Effective Public Speaking

Public speaking is among our (as a species) greatest fears (glossophobia, for you Balderdashers).  As it turns out, standing up to yell and generally cause a scene wasn’t a great survival trait back when we weren’t the planet’s apex predator,

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Blink and You’ll Miss It (and then Move On)

In sports, the outcome often hinges on who seizes and maximizes the rare and fleeting opportunities.  I’m personally acquainted with how this phenomena manifests in soccer – a tight match, or even one in which you’re being dominated in possession,

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Learn from My Mistake: Dictate the Action and Increase Your Chances of Success

We learn from our successes and our failures.  Sometimes the lesson is subtle, and sometimes it’s glaringly obvious. A few weeks ago I found myself all alone on a breakaway.  I’d worked my butt off the whole game, strafing the

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