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Freelance, ho!

As luck would have it, I’d scored my first freelance gig by doing nothing and then having a five minute conversation. But here’s the twist: this industry was completely new to me, and the nature of the project and subject

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The Third Age of Marketing

This Christmas, I received as a gift the book Youtility – Why smart marketing is about help not hype, by Jay Baer. The title alone had me excited, as over the past year I’ve implemented a number of initiatives around

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How do you write a winning value proposition?

An awesome value proposition identifies your target audience, gets their attention, and generates an emotional response to the product or solution you’re selling. Every company needs a value proposition; in fact, if your company has a broad range of products, then you

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Book Report: Positioning

“The first step in any positioning program is to look inside the mind of the prospect…Most positioning programs are nothing more or less than a search for the obvious. Yet the obvious is easy to miss if you zero in

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Don’t Mind the Gap – Find It!

“Cherchez le creneau” – The French My latest book is “the marketing classic”, Positioning, by Al Ries and Jack Trout.  I’m glad I finally got around to reading it, and I can see why so many colleagues (particularly you, Kevin),

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