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Book Report: Will There Be Donuts?

“If you really mean to change the way you meet, you are going to be messing with the culture of the business and the deep-seated habits of its employees. You’re going to discover that very often the meetings are not

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What keeps me up at night, as a B2B technology marketer

I worry that we’re overlooking opportunities in other markets. Perhaps our products and solutions are well-suited to markets we’ve never explored. I recently tweeted out an article I found that talks about What B2B CMOs Will Face Tomorrow. That article

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Increase your Effectiveness: (Work) Better

“Better” is what it’s all about, ultimately: doing your job more effectively, so you can make the biggest possible positive impact.

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Increase your Effectiveness: (Work) Faster

The same approach applies to most tasks in the workplace: you can dawdle and let a task take as long as you want to give/waste, to fill your day, or you can blast through it in the shortest time possible.

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Increase your Effectiveness: (Work) More

You should request, look for, and create more opportunities and projects. If you’re truly committed, then to do more you’re going to need to work more as well: get in early, stay late, pop in on weekends, work from home.

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Increase your Effectiveness with these Three Strategies

“How can I be more effective?” and “How can I get better at X?” are questions I get asked from time-to-time. I’ve at least somewhat addressed the first question before, and now it’s time to visit the second. Let’s say you want

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Maximize Your Impact: Work on Things That Matter Most

You can exhaust yourself just keeping up with your inbox, and you won’t make a big difference. [This post is part of a series on increasing your effective productivity. The introductory post is My Strategies for Maximizing Impact] In the first

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