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Book Report: Operation Paperclip

“The employment of German scientists was specifically and strategically aimed at achieving military supremacy over the Soviet Union before the Soviet Union was able to dominate the United States. Attaining supreme military power meant marshaling all the cutting-edge science and

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Lessons in data-driven public relations

Yesterday I attended a Communitech session within the PR & Communications P2P group; Dan Deeth, a friend and colleague of mine, shared his insight into data-driven public relations. And Dan knows a thing or two about the subject: he’s a regular

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A mascot makeover

What do you do if you’re a pro sports team and your mascot looks like something out of nightmare and has the unfortunate tendency to frighten children? Assuming that you decide to make a change, there might be a temptation

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Book Report: Lessons from the Top

“All successful leadership stories involve three parts.  First, the leader has to explain ‘Who am I?’, as a person. Then he or she outlines ‘Who are we?’ as a group to followers or potential followers.  Finally the leader tells us

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