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Strategic Marketing: Strategies for Effective Digital Marketing

If you’re a marketer, and you’re not keeping up with digital marketing, then you won’t be a marketer for much longer. Digital marketing is big. Really big. And getting bigger. Really bigger. In that sense it’s like the universe, but

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Panelizing: Marketing Metrics and ROI

This morning, along with Cam Davies and Heather Hennessy, I was on a panel discussing marketing metrics and return on investment. This session was with the Strategic Marketing P2P group hosted by Communitech. We each had 15ish minutes to present our thoughts

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Strategic Marketing: B2B Marketing Campaigns – Back to Basics

Michael said that probably the biggest problem faced by B2B marketers is truly understanding “Who am I targeting?” At a recent Strategic Marketing P2P, we were joined by Michael Stephens, who runs marketing at TeraGo Networks. Michael was there to talk

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