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Conversations, General Knowledge, and Your Career

“It isn’t enough to be able to do the technical aspects of the job – our clients need to actually enjoy working with us, as people, for us to hit our highest levels of efficiency.” Many people are ignorant. (How’s

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Book Report: Soccer iQ Vol. 2

“I promised myself that I wouldn’t release a Volume 2 unless I cultivated enough quality content to truly justify its existence. I wasn’t going to throw together some rubbish and hope that the second volume would ride the coattails of

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Book Report: Soccer IQ

“This book isn’t about soccer technique. This book is about soccer decisions that take place during the course of a match. These concepts are in no particular order. All of them are important and any one of them could provide

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Seven Tips to More Effective Public Speaking

Public speaking is among our (as a species) greatest fears (glossophobia, for you Balderdashers).  As it turns out, standing up to yell and generally cause a scene wasn’t a great survival trait back when we weren’t the planet’s apex predator,

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Fergie’s Way

“For a player – and for any human being – there is nothing better than hearing ‘Well done’.” – Sir Alex Ferguson For 27 years, Sir Alex Ferguson managed Manchester United.  In that time, he changed the culture of a

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Putting the “Success” in “Succession”

The legacy of a true leader should not be panic at his or her departure, but a team that is capable of filling the absence. A couple of years ago, I had a problem: I was burning out. For five

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Building a Championship Team

I take team-building very seriously: in the recreational sports world, poor teams lose and members go home without championships; in the business world, poor teams are weak links that can bring down organizations and cost people their livelihood – there’s

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Selling Soccer to An American Audience

Will the campaign drive the viewership for which NBC is hoping?  Only time will tell…The ads will bring viewers, but the product has to retain them. The Barclays Premier League (BPL) season kicked off today with a full slate of

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Failure is at our core

I have a problem with failure – I dwell on it far too much.  As with many things, intellectually I understand that failure is simply part of the positive feedback loop of learning, but I still struggle to move on. 

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Blink and You’ll Miss It (and then Move On)

In sports, the outcome often hinges on who seizes and maximizes the rare and fleeting opportunities.  I’m personally acquainted with how this phenomena manifests in soccer – a tight match, or even one in which you’re being dominated in possession,

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