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Strategic Marketing: Lessons from the start-up world, with Aterlo Networks

“Do funnel analysis! The drop-off may not be where you think it is.” – Dan Siemon, VP of Product Management, Aterlo Networks The last Strategic Marketing P2P of the season focused on marketing lessons from the start-up world. We had the

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Book Report: Smart People Should Build Things

“That’s how we give rise to the virtuous cycle of job creation and innovation. We seed an environment with both human capital and financial capital and we engage for years. We make it so that building things is the valued

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How to Hire Rock Stars

Imagine that you run a start-up: no website; limited funds; no brand recognition, no HR experience. How are you going to attract and hire the best? Have you ever struggled to fill a job opening on your team or in

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Entrepreneurial insights from the founders of Auvik Networks

In this month’s edition of @waterloo (the University of Waterloo alumni e-newsletter), I was excited to see a link to An Interview with Auvik Networks. Auvik’s three co-founders (Marc Morin, Alex Hoff, and David Yach) are all UW alumni, and

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