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Competitive and Market Intelligence: Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation

“The military are excellent planners; the private sector are great at execution. There are strengths and limitations of both paradigms, and we can learn so much by talking to each other.” – Retired Maj. Gen. David Fraser At last night’s Communitech

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Strategic Marketing: B2B Marketing Campaigns – Back to Basics

Michael said that probably the biggest problem faced by B2B marketers is truly understanding “Who am I targeting?” At a recent Strategic Marketing P2P, we were joined by Michael Stephens, who runs marketing at TeraGo Networks. Michael was there to talk

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Book Report: Winner Take All

“The world is arguably facing seemingly insurmountable constraints across the whole gamut of commodities – arable land, water, energy, and other minerals. Moreover, with China’s aggressive rush for resources, many countries are likely to be caught short as the commodity

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Book Report: Obliquity

“In general, oblique approaches recognize that complex objectives tend to be imprecisely defined and contain many elements that are not necessarily or obviously compatible with each other, and that we learn about the nature of the objectives and the means

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Product Marketing: team mission and strategies

Professionally, I lead the product marketing team at a telecommunications technology vendor. This team performs in an interesting, but complex reality filled with challenges. Looking ahead to 2014, I knew that we needed to work on only the most important

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Marketing to the Rescue!

“A good map tells a multitude of little white lies; it suppresses truth to help the user sees what needs to be seen.” – Mark Monmonier, in How to Lie with Maps The other day I wrote about a marketing

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Book Report: Positioning

“The first step in any positioning program is to look inside the mind of the prospect…Most positioning programs are nothing more or less than a search for the obvious. Yet the obvious is easy to miss if you zero in

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Don’t Mind the Gap – Find It!

“Cherchez le creneau” – The French My latest book is “the marketing classic”, Positioning, by Al Ries and Jack Trout.  I’m glad I finally got around to reading it, and I can see why so many colleagues (particularly you, Kevin),

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Book Report: Lessons from the Top

“All successful leadership stories involve three parts.  First, the leader has to explain ‘Who am I?’, as a person. Then he or she outlines ‘Who are we?’ as a group to followers or potential followers.  Finally the leader tells us

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“A Golden Rule of Leadership”, or “It’s not as hard as you might think”

The truth is there is no mystique, there is no magic: every single one of us has the potential to be a leader, and it’s not as hard as you might think. Sometimes I fear that we’ve built such an

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