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Book Report: Deep Thinking

“Our attitude matters, and not because we can stop the march of technological prowess even if we wanted to, but because our perspective on disruption affects how well prepared for it we will be. There is plenty of room between

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Book Report: The Pentagon’s Brain

“Bob Taylor went to DARPA director Charles Herzfeld to request enough money to fund a networked connection linking four different university computers, or nodes. Herzfeld told Taylor he thought it sounded like a good idea but he was concerned about reliability.

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Thomas Edison’s guide to high-tech product demos

“Despite this bravado, the fact remained that the finest specimen of electric light in the Edison lab couldn’t last five minutes.” Love him or hate him, we can learn a great deal from Thomas Edison. Sure, he showed up forty

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Book Report: How We Got to Now

“This is a history worth telling, in part, because it allows us to see a world we generally take for granted with fresh eyes. Our lives are surrounded and supported by a whole class of objects that are enchanted with

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Marketing vs Engineering

As an Engineer-turned-Marketer¹, I find this Dilbert strip especially funny. You see, engineers are all like, “We invent stuff and are super smart and you marketers are just dumb and lie all the time”; marketers, on the other hand, are

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Behind the Scenes of a Live Product Demo

This post can be considered at least partially a follow-up to Seven Tips to More Effective Public Speaking… When Brent and I presented at the CableLabs Winter Conference, it was a great experience.  We formed part of the Innovation Showcase,

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