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Book Report: Success and Luck

“If any of you go running or ride a bike, you’ll know that when you’re running of bicycling into the wind, you’re very aware of it. You just can’t wait till the course turns around and you’ve got the wind

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Speaking of improbable events…

You might have recently seen my book report on The Improbability Principle; this book explains why¬†seemingly highly improbable events actually happen all the time. The other day, I had my own experience with an improbable event, and while it’s not

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Book Report: The Improbability Principle

“The Improbability Principle is not a single equation, such as Einstein’s famous E = mc¬≤, but a collection of strands which intertwine, braiding together and amplifying each other, to form a rope connecting events, incidents, and outcomes. The main strands

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