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Awkward Meetings – Volume I

The woman at the front of the room, closest to me, knew exactly what was going on, was loving every second of it, and was (mostly) silently laughing her ass off. At a recent working session with a client, we

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Planning to succeed: tradeshow edition

“Tradeshows are easy – you just slap some logos on your booth and wait for customers to roll in.” – only ignorant people I’ve recently returned from a couple of weeks gallivanting around Europe, with a solid chunk of that

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Things HQ people need to understand/appreciate

I’m writing this post from Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world. I arrived yesterday, after a 34-hour home-to-hotel journey from my home outside Toronto, Canada. I’m in town to attend AfricaCom 2015.

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Positioning statements in action

A few weeks ago I wrote about positioning statements and value propositions. At a recent tradeshow, we put some theory into practice.

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