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My Strategies for Maximizing Impact

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately about productivity. The conversations have started in a few different ways (e.g., “How can we get the biggest return on marketing?”, “I’m having trouble deciding what to work on.”, “I have too much on

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My Story, Part 2: Challenge Accepted

The journey was long and tough, but that made me stronger. Not once in my professional career have I faced anything that has even remotely stressed me out the way that UW did. [This is the third of a series

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Entrepreneurial insights from the founders of Auvik Networks

In this month’s edition of @waterloo (the University of Waterloo alumni e-newsletter), I was excited to see a link to An Interview with Auvik Networks. Auvik’s three co-founders (Marc Morin, Alex Hoff, and David Yach) are all UW alumni, and

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An Evening with the President

On Tuesday night, I went to The President’s Reception at UW, an event that is held as a thank you to the university’s donors. Normally, this isn’t my type of event – I don’t like networking or dressing up on

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My Story, Part 1: The Accidental Engineer

It turns out that if you make your university choices for reasons other than passionate interest and enrol in what can accurately be described as a hellishly difficult program while completely lacking any study skills or positive work habits whatsoever,

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Why I donate to the University of Waterloo

Yesterday I spent an hour meeting with the Development Officer for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo (my Alma mater). Since graduating in 2006 I’ve been a President’s Circle-level donor to the university, and this meeting came about because the

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